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My name: Puteri Gee Ilhan Yusuf
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From: Malaysia
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amaal wan mansoor
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Kid Chan Malaysia
Latest entry:Lovely Sikh/Punjabi Wedding Photography of Jesrina & Shailender
Hi all, I am back! And i am going to kick of my first post with a teaser of the Magnificent Punjabi Wedding of Shailender & Jesrina. Coming soon to http://www.facebook.com/iamkidchan(my facebook page) real soon! See you guys! View this Fotopage entry
Coming Soon- The Wedding
Latest entry:Time to Hijrah
After numerous problem with fp i've finally dcd to hijrah my blog to a new host. It's a bit sad for me to move.I shall always love fp. My new blog is now http://fairyyaya.wordpress.com Farewell fp, i'll b missing u! 8-) View this Fotopage entry
baizura amin
Latest entry:Away
Geezz..it was very difficult emotionally to leave my baby . Felt empty stayed at a porch hotel while zidan was at home. However, mommy bought few new RL shirts and jeans for my handsome boy:) View this Fotopage entry
iena amoi cinon
Latest entry:Twilight
Just for fun :-> View this Fotopage entry
Alia Amelyn
Latest entry:Studio Raya Portraiture 2009
It’s that time of the year again! Salam Ramadhan to my fellow blog readers. It has been almost a week already. Tak terasa kan, begitu cepatnya masa berlalu. Memang dalam banyak-banyak bulan, bulan Ramadhan yang paling dinantikan. Bukan sahaja bulan yang penuh kemuliaan dan juga amal ibadat tapi juga bulan makan! Masa inilah yang cukup menduga kekuatan iman dan nafsu kita bila berbelanja untuk makanan. Biasanya kalau pergi PARAM tu mesti tak kurang dari RM10 untuk satu keluarga, terutamanya bila a... View this Fotopage entry
heda zainudin
detail cite psl http://heda-wan.blogspot.com/2009/05/tambahan-anugerah.html(kelahiran baby angah) serta skit http://heda-wan.blogspot.com/2009/05/maafkn-la-ummi-mu-ni-syg.html(nota) HARI PERTAMA - 20 MEI 2009 HARI KEEMPAT - 23 MEI 2009 HARI KELIMA - 24 MEI 2009 View this Fotopage entry
We left VA around 3pm I think on the 21st of Dec 09 and reached Orlando, FL only at 6.30am on the 22nd of Dec 09!!! long longgggg journey! had to make sure Dzyad had enuff dvds to last him throughout the journey and Hareth had enuff PSP games! We only stop for gas and a quick bite in Savannah, Georgia (tpt tu penuh pak tam & mak tams!!!) and stop for like 30 minutes shut eye and Zaki continued driving all the way to Orlando! Once we reached Best Western, Kissimmee...we opt for early check in whereby w... View this Fotopage entry
Latest entry:Bandung & Jakarta
Bandung & Jakarta trip Who: Me, Jo & Dania, Jie & OI, Erma & An, Esah When: 5 - 10 March 09 Fly with: AirAsia & MAS Lodging: Royal Dago Hotel (Bandung) & Grand Tropic Suite (Jakarta) Verdict: Awesome holiday!!! Damage: Considered it as forgive and forget LOL View this Fotopage entry
farewell all..we have to this again!!!
Diana yahya
Latest entry:Officially Mrs. Bita... =)
It's official! And loving every minute of it... :-D View this Fotopage entry
i know i know
Latest entry:artic weather hits London
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Asyie Ali
Latest entry:Happy 30th Birthday!
Oh no he's already 30!! So next time ppl ask how old is my husband, my answer will be "30ish"...yes he is old indeed.. :-D For this year, we celebrated Aspa's birthday at Bukit Fraser. Though during the CNY holiday, we celebrated with some of our friends at Khalil's.Celebration for January babies (Aspa, Azmi, Nazi and Nuo(though he was not able to come)).LOL LOL.Albad also was there and also(virtually) finas, nata and cutie mimin..:-D Oh not to forget Atung, Zara and their little boy Alex (not virtual... View this Fotopage entry
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yaya othman
www.dryaya.blogspot.com hello pretty people! i've moved to another site and hope could still be in touch with y'all, do visit me there!! :-> View this Fotopage entry
pink flowers + green
Intan Maziah Mohamed Salihin
Latest entry:AidilFitri 2009 - Family Potrait
Salam Aidil Fitri dan Maaf Zahir Batin...:) View this Fotopage entry
Pic from www.zahra-fashion.com
Fynnaz Adam
Latest entry:Nabeel's 1st Birthday Bash Preview
Date : 29th November 2008 Time : 4pm till 7pm Venue : USJ 1 Avenue Condo Pics all from http://www.eyesofgrace.net(Eyes Of Grace). TQ Kak Zubye! Birthday Boy 8-) Cake Cutting My small family :-) Thank you all for coming!!! View this Fotopage entry
zuha openg
Latest entry:Lost World ~Tambun ~ 26 Oct 2008
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Izzam Lizah Iman Irfan
Latest entry:Hello viewers, i am now 7 months old!
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Daniel and Dania
Latest entry:Daniel's Big 3
Pictures by http://izaown.fotopages.com/?entry=1671940&back=http://izaown.fotopages.com/?page=0#CommentsTop(MyShots )Photography. Thanks to our guests that made it to Daniel's Big 3. Here's the picture http://daniel3bday.myshots.com.my/( gallery) uploaded by Mdm Photographer. View this Fotopage entry
Siti Mariam Mohamed
Latest entry:Hula Bash
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hanna zulika abu asmara
Latest entry:UIA Convocation
Yeay, uncle Hosni dah grad...My mother was so excited during the ceremony. Congratulation Hosni Mubaraq.. View this Fotopage entry
suehana shams
Latest entry:~Bengkel All ABout You~
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Nina Kamarina Kamaruddin
Latest entry:New Blog Address
I have moved to http://mypinkythoughts.blogspot.com. Feel free to visit.. :-D View this Fotopage entry
jo abe
Latest entry:Mek Sarah
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Musliza Musa
Latest entry:AFIQ and ALYA's birthday do at Kidz Zone Hartamas
finally i managed to upload pictures from afiq & alya's birthday party.. :-> We celebrated afiq's 4th & alya's 1st birthday at Kidz Zone, Hartamas Shopping Centre. Thanks to all guests for making the event a success. Thanks for the lovely presents too! :-) Hope everyone had a lot of fun! I know my family & I did.. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO AFIQ & ALYA!! :bounce_g: :bounce_m: :bounce_b: :bounce_o: :bounce_p: :bounce_flash: View this Fotopage entry
helmy & family (they came late)
nani nazrina
Latest entry:Anugerah Ciptaan Ilahi
* http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7nmx-ogU-h8 View this Fotopage entry
Husaini Ujang
Latest entry:Bangsar Village 2 Visit hehehehe
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aqeelhumairah amir hidayat
Latest entry:Eid-Ul-Fitr 1 Syawal 1429H
Kami sekeluarga mengambil kesempatan ini untuk mengucapkan Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri kepada semua yang mengenali kami serta Maaf Zahir Batin..jemputla datang beraya ke rumah kami ye.. :-D View this Fotopage entry
ieta yusof
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lutfiah mukhtar
Latest entry:Kolam air panas ulu temong, baling Kedah
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evarina amiron
Latest entry:luv is leya....
finally..alhamdulillah..on the 17th of november at 8.45 pm, i gave birth to a beautiful baby, eleya sofea , witnessed by my wonderful husband and mother..the anticipation of her arrival had already been felt a week before when i was admitted 2 times in the hospital due to a leaking ketuban..this time, keen on not having a false alarm and being the boy who cried wolf, i waited till the actual due date although i had already been showing signs of pre labour before..on that morning, i was beginning to have con... View this Fotopage entry
Latest entry:Tokyo Disneyland-29/5/2009
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Carol Roberts
Latest entry:Macam ok kan, tapi........
By the time i put in this entry, it has been 2 hours since i last saw him..camaner nih???!!I MISSED HIM TERRIBLY already! I wonder how i want to tahan for another 6 more months. When we were at the airport, i was ok..really ok. tak nanges pon, tp biler balik rumah...tak tau lah camaner nak cakap. Luckily he never knew about this fotopages, so he wont be reading this. Otherwise, he'll be worried about me. :-( View this Fotopage entry
Rose and Fariq
Latest entry:Fariq's Reception @ Dewan Merak Kayangan on 17th Sept 2006
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emie zamir
Latest entry:Hati ke Hati - lagu favourite Emie & Zamir
Kind of lagu-lagu lama punya fans, so we love this song and wish that we can sing this song in any karaoke session. Tapi tunggu punya tunggu ntah bila lah nak pergi LOL .... Neway, terpikir nak cari lagu nih untuk hiburkan hati and mengenang kisah2 masa cinta cintun dulu... (teringat sangatlah dengan Pusat Kebudayaan UM esp to Uncle Dino sebab pernah berduet ngan dia ms first year dulu kat Gazebo masa Santai Petang Rabu. Masa tuh ramai lah jugak kengkwn satu batch dtg tengok sebab masa tuh belum sibuk dgn ... View this Fotopage entry
sempat bergambar tepi cabel car... ngerinyer naik.. first time..
fuzzy mail
Latest entry:The Edge Kuala Lumpur Rat Race 2006
When: 5 Sept 2006 Where: Start at Bursa Malaysia then run along Jln Raja Chulan, Jln Sultan Ismail, Jln Ampang then back to Bursa Malaysia View this Fotopage entry
hazira hamzah
Latest entry:Dari Jauh Kami Pohon Maaf..
This is our fourth raya di 'perantauan' ( probably the seventh for me :-D )...and this is our first raya without Tok Wan Afia around. Definately Tok Wan is having wonderful time with families back home. It is unbeliavable, but true :-D I finally manage to reason my mind in cooking nasi dagang for the first day of Eid. Definately because we missed Tok Wan Afia so much, and we are craving badly on her nasi dagang, and to wait for another year (probably) for Tok Wan to come, its totally u... View this Fotopage entry
noRli JuLia
Latest entry:Penang ~ JB ~ Penang
Yeah...balik kampung....soooooo happyyy..... Even only for a few days... I still enjoyed my *precious moment*..... The moment of relaxation...I can called it....hihihi.... cause Nenda, Tokda, Achik and Cik Su will layan my Harith.... Harith was so happy and very sociable( I hope I spell it rite)......hahaha.... :-D The day we went back to Penang, he was sleeping most of the time....maybe penat sangat main dengan semua orang....hahahha.... LOL And also thanx to 'Kak Piah'..... for the biiggggg bea... View this Fotopage entry
Atika Farrah Yahya
Latest entry:JUst ME!
:hiding: View this Fotopage entry
ariff nordin
Latest entry:With Family
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