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Family of Three
By: Puteri Gee Ilhan Yusuf

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Thursday, 2-Apr-2009 13:05 Email | Share | | Bookmark
One to One

with his piano....
...yang dia suka tepuk2 & cabut that orange thingy...
...pastu berdiri and tolak piano, as if it's a walker...
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One more month and he will be one year old..how time flies..pictures of Ilhan in action.
Happy 11 months Sayang!!

Monday, 16-Mar-2009 12:07 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Bowling on a Sunday morning

mula2 happy naik car seat baru dia....
...lepas tu dia dah stress.."bila nak sampai ni??"
hi Sarah!!
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Wednesday, 4-Feb-2009 01:46 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Bandung Getaway

muka tak mandi..hehe..kat LCCT before depart
ready to board
guess who's inside?BF rawks!!
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Our first family trip..Bandung here we come! Went there for 4D3N with 2 of my colleagues..seronok banget!

We went to Pasar Baru (OMG, I went crazy here!!As warned by MommyLyssa & MamaSarah, mmg rambang mata lah), agaknye if MrG tak jeling2, I could go on & on & on with the lace and the kains).

Also we went to the factory outlets, not all but the ones we went pun dah caused enough damage to hubby's ehem..my wallet..ahaks! Sempat pegi 2 malls je Bandung Super Mal & Paris Van Java..which we didn't fancy much coz it looked the same macam gi any other malls kat KL...but Paris Van Java tu unique sket lah architecture dia..shopping wise, biasa2 je..not much damage done there..hehe..

IY behaved so well throughout the trip..dia hanya menangis bila perlu... This little guy got sooo many attentions from the cewek2 sales girls..."ohh LUCU bangett!!!" At first I thot, apa yg kelakarnye anak aku ni? Then we found out that lucu means comel cute..pastu dah pandai dah nak test skill mengurat ye sayang? He enjoyed the attention I guess. Mulut becok bila kena agah. Tapi bila org nk dukung, terus merambu ayaq mata..alamak! abis dah hilang macho-ness!

BF-wise...I had no problem alhamdulillah..supply cukup..and after 9 months of BF-ing, I had the first experience of BF-ing in public...yes sgt mencabar but I did it..with the help of my nursing cover of course..Attention to LCCT people - please do not lock your surau lah..TQ!..I carried IY around in my Mei Tai for places like Pasar Baru & Factory outlet yg packed macam sardine i.e. Rumah Mode...sampai tertido2 dia dalam gendonganku...

All in all, it was a great vacay...thanks MrG sayang...nanti gi lagi nak? Saya janji tak suruh awak minum TehBotol lagi...hehe...

Sapa2 gi Bandung...nk kirim Kartika Sari!! Sinfully delicous brownies kukus..love it!

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