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Family of Three
By: Puteri Gee Ilhan Yusuf

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Wednesday, 5-Aug-2009 12:25 Email | Share | | Bookmark

ni masa mula2 baru nak jadi..baru sebelah mata je...
..see the swelling?
..nasib baik tak byk meragam...
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At first hubby got it from a colleague, then IY pulak kena..boy oh boy it has been the longest 2 weeks in my life! It started with mata merah and berair..then his eyelids started to swell. Kesian sangat dia especially in the mornings when he cried coz he couldn't open his eyes..melekat!

The hardest part is ubat time..sangat susah to put the eye drops in his eyes okehh! Even dah kepit pun dia pejam rapat2 mata dia, I even wonder if the eye drops made its way inside...tu belum campur dgn air mata yg bercucuran lagi tu...yang mana air mata and yg mana air ubat pun dunno lah. We went to the GP twice since the first time around, the meds wasn't working. The second GP's prescription was much better maybe because he gave antibiotics to speed up the healing process.

I didn't send IY to the nursery for the whole 2 weeks coz I didn't want other kids to get infected. Luckily my mom's around to babysit while I'm at work (now Opah has the Pink Eye..sorry Opah!!). After ubat habis, he seemed to be okay..the eyes were not reddish anymore and he woke up in the morning with less sticky eyes..I was relieved to see his improvement..well, that's until.................

..............I saw blood coming out from his eyes! Yes people, you read it right..darah. It was 4am..he woke up for his milk..suddenly meleleh je darah from the corner of his eyes..panic sekejap..lap2 mata dia...nasib baik he didn't cry..he just dozed off after susu habis...but can I tidur balik after that? Hell NO! Went straight to the PC and googled it. Nothing mentioned about bleeding eye. Ada tu ada but I think tak related to his condition.

Tidur tak lena after that, tak sabar tunggu siang. We brought him straight to the opthalmologist (I can never pronouce it right ) or an eye specialist at APSH. Thanks to my company for the medical benefits (yeay dapat GL..ngeeeee). The doc explained that IY ada membrane inside his lower eye lids that caused the bleeding when the lids bergeser dgn the eye balls ( I think that's what the doc said, or at least that's what I understood lah). The membrane looked like a white selaput je..very little but the procedure nak clean it off was a nightmare. Even worse than letak his eye drops!

As usual, we had to kepit his legs & hands...the nurse even held his head still...and of course he screamed at the top of his lungs..then the doc flipped his eyes lids and cleaned the selaput with a cotton bud. He had anesthetic eye drops before the procedure to numb the eyes (the doc kept reassuring me that IY wasn't in any pain - I think I had my cuak face on...hehe)...darah byk jugak keluar..tu yg kami lagi ketaq tu. After the procedure ended (around 5 minutes je), he hugged me like never before..I'm sure he was scared..phobia dah. Ayah pun dia taknak. Kesian anak mama.

Alhamdulillah, after that, he's A-okay! We have a few more follow ups to do until next week..I hope there's no permanent damage done due to the conjunctivitis.

Most of the pictures were taken during the first week...and mostly masa dia tidur..prior to the bleeding incident.At first tak nak letak, but thinking how my experience could benefit other mommies out there, maybe I should. After all, sharing is caring.

Sunday, 12-Jul-2009 09:30 Email | Share | | Bookmark
A walk in the park

kita nak gi mana ni Ayah?
oo so this is a lake garden ye Ayah?
ala Ayah, kena pegang tangan ke?
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Went to the park near our home petang semalam. Temankan AyahIY nak warm up utk his marathon and IY also needs his fresh air..lagipun dia tak pernah lagi pegi taman jalan...we thought seronok juga bawak dia tgk birds, ducks & meow (tapi satu pun tak dak..monyet ada lah..tapi sungguh ganaz, tak berani nak dekat).

AyahIY sakit mata...so pardon the sepetness

Sunday, 28-Jun-2009 14:24 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Sunday Lunch

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Our belated Father's Day lunch at an arabic restaurant Al-Rawsha kat Jalan Damai...the food reminds me of our favourite restaurant ni Manchester..macam food kat Jazeera Restaurant kat Rusholme..lepas ni leh gi lagi kalau rindu nasi pilau Manchester!

Sunday, 7-Jun-2009 02:05 Email | Share | | Bookmark
The day IY gave Mama a panic attack

baru lepas kena cucuk drip..terus nangis sampai tertidur
masa ni dpt double room
baru bgn tidur..salin pyjamas..makan dinner..
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IY was never a sick boy, Alhamdulillah dia anak yg senang dijaga..demam batuk flu sikit2 tu biasa lah kan..usually he will recover in a week..either sembuh sendiri or kasi ubat a few rounds dah ok dah...so when he pooped at 3am, 7am, 7.30am..and vomit all over the bed, pastu vomit lagi in his car seat when I was driving alone, that means something..something is not right.

I was supposed to drive to him to the clinic and send him off to his nursery that morning..when he puked his morning milk all over his car seat..panic gile okehh...stop kat tepi and lap2 his face and baju mana yg patut...patah balik rumah...clean the mess and his car seat...terus bawak jumpa his paed kat ampang pu3..on my way there, he slept soundly..good boy, asyik berdoa please Ilhan jgn muntah lagi...not at least sampai hospital.On my way, while driving, I called up his nursery asking dia makan apa semalam..just wanna make sure and be prepared when the doc asks later..they gave me a list of the menu and all the food sounds okay to me..I even asked if there are any other kids yg sakit but no...semua okay.

Mmg first thought was nursery..tapi it's not fair to blame them 100%..IY's is at the stage of picking up stuff and masuk mulut, pegang tu pegang ni..so I believe that everything happen for a reason. Benda dah nak jadi, redha saja.

So when we arrived, he pooped again right before the nurse called his name, alamak..takpe lah..doctor tahan idung je la ye?But turned out the doc kata it's good he pooped now, she wants to see it..and right there & then she said..Oh he has to be admitted..we need to drip him, at this rate he will be dehydrated if we don't act fast.

So there we were..3D2N stay kat hospital...aduhai..sungguh bosan tak leh keluar memana...especially when Ampang Point melambai2 daku... tapi demi anak, apa saja.
I hope we don't have to go through this experience again.

It's Day 5 and IY is still pooping every 3hours..I decided to go for a second opinion..made some calls and sms, and a friend recommended a different doc in a different hospital..a bit far tapi takpe demi anak (haiii..Munawwarah boleh pegi tak kan hosp tak leh kan?)..anywayyyy, back to the topic, we met the doc and he told me the same thing but in a different way...siap lukis2 gambar usus...I like the way he explains things..and the culprit is Rotavirus. Insyaallah IY will recover soon.

Saturday, 2-May-2009 11:55 Email | Share | | Bookmark
I am One

2 May 2009..12ish am..sleeping soundly..
the birthday cake
the place
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Today is my first birthday. Ayah kata tak payah party besar2 sbb saya tak reti apa pun lagi..Ayah kata nanti Mama yg over macam dia punya birthday.Oleh itu, Ayah & Mama ajak TokMan, Opah, TokBa & TokMa makan kat Delicious. Wan Ya & AyahChik pastu PakLong MakLong (ke Auntie Iera, ma?), MakSu pun ada..and of course my one and only cousin, Kak Sarah!

Auntie Iera helped Mama with the settings..Mama kata "Thanks dear!!"..She organised the baloons, blue napkins, party hats and pictures too. Can't wait to see the pictures from her camera. So far ada sikit ni from our camera. Gambar tak byk amik sebab battery tetiba low plak..Ayah hairan napa tetiba low, padahal battery baru..jadi Mama tak dpt lah mengambil gambar sesuka hati..lagipun I was a bit cranky today..Mama kena layan saya extra sikit..I guess I was a bit excited about my birthday..sampai ter skipped my morning nap..I was up since 7am..patutla ngantuk sangat tadi...sorry Mama, I was not in the mood when everybody sang Happy Birthday to me..and masa nak tiup lilin tu..(eh ke Mama yg tiup lilin? I guess Ayah was right..she thinks it's her birthday kot..hehe)

I finally slept during the end of the lunch..Mama lega sebab dia boleh makan dengan tenang..hehe...and I don't remember what happened after that..when I woke up I was at TokMa's already.

Thank you Opah & Tokman for the Red Car..Thank you TokMa,TokBa & MakSu for the Pooh Aeroplane..Thank you PakLong,Auntie Iera & Kak Sarah for the basketball set..saya suka semuanya!

Thank you Ayah & Mama for my first birthday celebration!

Updated: More pictures at http://shuhaira.fotopages.com

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